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Innerflight / From 0-1

Forming a sound both familiar and foreign, existing in the hours of the day where you allow your head to open, relax, and reinvent, Cyanwave creates post warehouse rhythms layered with captured audio and dub soundscapes. Imbuing the spirit that created the Northwest, home of refugees and adventurers, Cyanwave’s hypnotic journey takes the listener from the dance floor to the headphones and back around. With no final destination, the aim is exploration itself.

The hybrid sound of Cyanwave is the result of reaction and reinterpretation of the duo’s contrasting backgrounds; Justin Byrnes from a history as lead guitarist in rock bands in the ‘90s and Keith Kelley’s experience attending raves and dj’ing in the infamous Midwest of the US. Using a combination of analog and digital synthesizers, expansive software and processing, Cyanwave values sound aesthetic over genre loyalty. Experimentation is not limited to just production; exploration continues during each performance as Cyanwave continually reconfigures what it means to perform live.


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Wednesday, September 26