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Boomarm Nation
Portland, OR

Gulls is the music of Boomarm Nation founder Jesse Munro Johnson.

Exploring the reaches of DUB SPACE, and SCI-FI POLY-RHYTHMICS, Gulls takes cues from world classical / traditional musics, minimalist ethos, dub pioneers, andoversized sound systems. With a harmonic spine and an experimental spirit, every track is built entirely from the ground up. Sampling only himself, cutting up and rearranging myriad textures -- horns, synthesizers, string instruments, etc --

Gulls takes on a version of a version of a version, blowing basic pieces of music into astronomical proportions, into mammoth versions with their own savage lives.

He lives in the Pacific Northwest, in Portland, Oregon.

Photo used with permission by Patti Miller. Thanks Patti!


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