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Keyboard Kid

Based World / Surefire Sound
Seattle, WA

As creative and sharp as Lil B's lyrical tongue can be, it's his ear that helps his music sound so compelling. The BasedGod's mere association with Clams Casino and BigBoyTraks has helped launch these upstart producers into the spotlight. So, when Keyboard Kid 206 turned the least cool '90s alt-rock song (Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris") into one of Lil B's most compelling tracks, "I Hate Myself," it was only a matter of time before this Seattle kid joined in on the conversation. The Transition (a five-track EP and Keyboard Kid's first proper release) manages to build more than "just beats." Tracks like "Welcome X" and "The Most" brim with stuttering drum machine peaks and diced synth valleys, using early IDM as a palette before adding vibrant textural watercolours. In fact, most of The Transition moves at such a furious and wonderfully claustrophobic pace that even someone as out-there as Lil B would get lost rhyming over it.

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