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Sappho and Apolinario Ancheta

Apolinario Ancheta is a highly trained giant squid hunter, greatly respected within the giant squid hunting community. The elusive animal has captivated the imaginations of many people over centuries and his unorthodox methods have won him praise by an odd mixture of people: biologists, sushi chefs, and electronic music producers worldwide.

Apolinario employs a specific range of music from House to Techno that he pulsates into the deep seas to lure the creatures so he can study their behavior and ultimately understand what makes them so fucking creepy to most people. The secret to his success can be attributed to the specific style of music that he selects, “I theorized long ago that since these animals live so far deep in the ocean, I must find the deepest tracks available to be able to reach them”. Whether it’s deep house, deep techno, or anywhere in between, the giant squid can’t resist these specific sounds “it just stuns them”.

Earlier in his career, Apolinario experimented with different types of music “It just didn’t work the same; hip hop, electro house, drum and bass –no response”. Looking back, he attributes this to the lack of experience, “especially the electro house , I thought it was cutting edge at the time, but it just turned out to be a bunch of crap –a complete waste of time”. Looking at the future, his work will take him to new regions with expected research in Panama, Seattle, and Vancouver BC where he will continue to hunt giant squid using the theory of deep track selection and funky grooves.




Sappho was born and raised in the nerdery. Fed a steady diet of prog-rock and musical factoids, it's no wonder that she is a consummate record collector. She began her journey into the world of techno music in 1991 when she attended her first rave in Dallas, TX with, the most excellent Deee-Lite as the showstoppers. From that moment on, she was hooked. Throughout the 1990s, you could usually find her scouring record bins looking for gems and in front of the speakers at events from Portland to Vancouver BC. Armed with her music collection, in 1999, Sappho made the jump from dancing party-goer to DJ. She’s a vinyl purist that always brings her love of forward thinking music to the dance floor.

Sappho is currently a member of the Alga-Rhythms collective in Portland who are striving to bring inclusive amazing never been there before music related experiences. She is also the resident DJ at Labworks, Portland's deep house afterhours purveyors' of fine music.


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